The mission of Phoenix Foundation Morning Glow is to provide much needed funds to supplement the current budget for enhancement to Brevard Public School music and theatre teachers


Applications are open until September 24th

After establishing Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida in 2012 our Board of Directors saw that there was a serious funding issue in our public schools, particularly within the music and theater departments. Fewer students were able to take advantage of inexpensive training that would help them attend colleges where they could pursue degrees in these fields and achieve their educational goals. Therefore, in 2017 we launched Phoenix Foundation Morning Glow.

Through Morning Glow we will be providing up to $100,000 per year in grants to Brevard County music and theater teachers. These grants will be awarded biannually and may be used to supplement curriculum, purchase uniforms, provide construction materials, or anything else teachers in these departments see as a need to help their students. Funds may not be used for the teacher’s continuing education.

Morning Glow is also partners with Brevard Public Schools to reinstate the Summer Fine Arts Theatre Workshop. This summer was cancelled due to the corona virus, but we hope to be back next summer. These programs will be available to all Brevard County students entering grades 9-12. Busing will be provided and the program is free.



Final project outline is due

Fall application opens

Fall application close