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The mission of Phoenix Foundation Morning Glow is to provide much needed funds to supplement and enhance performing arts programs. Our goal is that every student will have the means to study and grow from exposure to the performing arts.


Classroom Lecture

Applications closed

Through our Morning Glow program, we are committed to providing up to $100,000 per year in grants to music, dance, and theater teachers in Orange County, Florida. These grants are awarded biannually and may be used to supplement curriculum, purchase uniforms, provide construction materials, or anything else teachers in these departments see as a need to help their students. Funds may not be used for the teacher’s continuing education or consumable materials- see FAQ for further details.

Morning Glow was previously partnered with Brevard Public Schools to reinstate the Summer Fine Arts Theatre Workshop, which has been fully funded through Summer 2024. Through this program, students in Brevard county had access to a free and inclusive theatre program. Busing is provided in an effort to make this program as accessible and successful as possible! Each year, we help to put on one show in the north end and south end of the county.

Applicant Details

Apply at:​​

  • Applicants are recommended to consider the quality of instrument being requested; ensuring longterm impact on students.

  • Abstract should be one page and address all questions listed.

  • Applicants should include an updated quote for items requested.

Awardee Next Steps

  • ​Award funds are handled through the Foundation for OCPS and awardees must request their grants as directed when awarded.

  • Packing slip or proof of purchase should be sent to the foundation for OCPS by deadline provided when awarded.

  • Any questions or concerns about grants should be emailed to

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