The mission of the Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida is afford young people

the opportunity to recreate themselves while pursuing their educational goals.

As knowledge is the key to changing society, the Phoenix Foundation provides

funds to enhance and supplement education.


Phoenix Flame

Facing the death of someone close to you is a daunting and, often times, insurmountable experience.  The death of a parent may magnify the experience many times over.  Recovering and moving forward after the loss of a parent is an important part of becoming the best person you can be.  At the Phoenix Foundation we want to provide you with the best opportunity to move forward and create your future without letting the death of a parent become the defining moment of your life.

The loss of a parent at any age is difficult.  As a young person the challenges of navigating your life are compounded.  Doubts about whether the missing parent would approve of your choices can lead to inertia and stagnation.  We want to help you continue to evolve and grow by providing the opportunity of education to help you reach your goals.

Students applying for this scholarship must complete an essay of no more than 500 words.  The prompt for this essay is: “How have you overcome the challenges resulting from the loss of a parent?”  This essay may take whatever form the author chooses.  If you have already received this scholarship and are re-applying, please use this prompt: “We have all struggled during the pandemic this past year, what have you done to combat isolation and maintain a socially distant community during this time?” In addition applicants must submit a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of the deceased parent’s death certificate (along with any appropriate adoption documents if they are applicable).  

All applicants must also submit the reference form completed by a professor, teacher, administrator or someone in a similar leadership capacity.  No more than three letters of reference will be accepted. Please send all completed documents to the Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida, P.O.Box 541868, Merritt Island, FL 32954.

All applicants must have proof of acceptance to, or currently be enrolled in, a four year university; a 3.5 high school GPA or 3.0 college GPA; be attending or planning to attend in a full time capacity; and be willing to submit all requested documents including, but not limited to: proof of acceptance to a four year university, reference letter, essay, transcripts and tax documentation if asked.  Scholarships will be awarded in amounts between $1,000 and $33,000 at the discretion of the selection committee.