The mission of the Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida is afford young people

the opportunity to recreate themselves while pursuing their educational goals.

As knowledge is the key to changing society, the Phoenix Foundation provides

funds to enhance and supplement education.


Phoenix Flight

One of the most critical social issues facing our nation today is the question of equality for our Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.  Certainly this issue is at the forefront of many political campaigns.  With the help of social media the specific problems and injustices faced by members of the LGBT community have come to the attention of more people and this has increased the number of people who are getting involved in anti-bullying and acceptance education campaigns.  It is through the efforts of those in and outside of the gay community that we are on the brink of equality for everyone.

The Phoenix Foundation appreciates the efforts of the young people who are working toward education and awareness through volunteering or by being an active member in a recognized LGBT+ organization.  In addition to the application, applicants will be asked to complete an essay of no more than 500 words.  The essay prompt for first time applicants is: “How have you worked toward educating the public regarding the issues faced by the LGBT community?”  You can elaborate on the reasons you chose to get involved in LGBT equality; you can describe some of your experiences as a group member; you can tell us how your involvement has changed or enriched your life.  If you have already received this scholarship and are re-applying, please use this prompt: “We have all struggled during the pandemic this past year, how have you continued your activism for the LBGTQ+ community during this time?”

Applicants must also submit the letter of reference from someone familiar with the work you are doing within the LGBT community.  This could be a teacher-sponsor of your school’s LGBT club or Gay-Straight Alliance.  This could also be completed by a leader from your local chapter of PFLAG or other recognized organization.  Most colleges have several pride organizations affiliated with the college or university. No more than three letters of recommendation will be accepted. Please send all completed documents to the Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida, P.O.Box 541868, Merritt Island, FL 32954.

You do not need to specify your personal sexual orientation as it has no bearing on your eligibility for this scholarship.  We recognize that it takes the efforts of many people to create and continue to make social changes and to move our society ever closer to equality for all.

All applicants must have proof of acceptance to, or currently be enrolled in, a four year university; a 3.5 high school GPA or 3.0 college GPA; be attending or planning to attend in a full time capacity; and be willing to submit all requested documents including, but not limited to: proof of acceptance to a four year university, reference letter, essay, transcripts and tax documentation if asked.  Scholarships will be awarded between $1,000 and $33,000 at the discretion of the selection committee.